About Us

Pixie Gems is a jewellery retailer that specialises in girls jewellery.

At Pixie Gems we know that girls love to dress up and feel pretty and special. Giving her a gift of jewellery will signify just how much she means to you. Not only will jewellery make her happy, but it’ll give her great memories that will last a lifetime.

Quality Assured

We do our best to source good quality pieces of jewellery and materials for our handmade pieces. We pick and create the best in-trend styles that you won’t really find anywhere else. Also, we know just how much your princess mean to you, so we ensure that the jewellery pieces we source are made from precious metals that are totally nickel free.

Pixie Gems is not just here to help you find a beautiful gift, we are here to help you give the gift of life long memories.